Ethereum Client – Parity Features

We are often required to develop websites which incorporate the usage of Web3 in the system. We need an Ethereum node which helps us interact with the Ethereum database to access data and transactions across the blockchain.

Parity has been an excellent choice for us due to the following reasons:

Parity Pruning Algorithm: It’s beneficial if you don’t have a server which massive storage space. With Geth, you’re looking forward to using 20 GB or more disk-space every week. However, Parity does a better job of pruning the data.

Syncing is Fast: If you’d like to quick start with the work, Parity’s warp syncing option is advantageous. Instead of waiting for days and days, you can now have a complete node running in an hour or more.

Passive Mode: It also incorporates a passive mode which helps in reduction of CPU usage. Overall, it also reduces the bandwidth consumption.