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Are you worried about content theft on your blog? There could be bots (disgusing as search engines) and stealing your valuable content right now. This could cause a huge damage to your blog in terms of traffic and revenues. Someone else could be making off $$$ from the content you wrote! Not cool, right?

Our WordPress Anti Content Theft plugin is made to stop these content stealing bots from lingering around your blog, and hence saving your blog posts and revenues.

While copyright laws and DMCA may work in your favour, but it's always a great idea to be a step ahead. Instead of wasting $$$ on DMCA takedowns, it would be better to safeguard your website from bot traffic all together!

The plugin works in a couple of seconds. Upload the ZIP and activate the plugin, and that's it! The code present in the plugin would filter the traffic and let the good bots come and the stop the bad bots. This is your time to stop these web scraping bots and save your content from plagiarism.

We also do custom work.

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