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Token Trading Script is a software that has been made for individuals and businesses interested in starting their own centralized token exchange website. Some of the prominent examples of token exchanges include IDEX, Etherflyer, EtherDelta, and so on. With this script, you can create a similar yet better exchange yourself at a fraction of the price.

If you've been searching for a cryptocurrency exchange script, then your search ends here. With our Token Trading Script, you can create your token exchange in less than 3 hours.

The script allows you to list any tokens that are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and use the standard ERC-20. You can add these tokens as you wish and create limitless pairs without any restrictions. Alongside that, the script uses smart contracts (addresses) for users to deposit their tokens and Ethereum. This ensures greater security of funds and a reduction in transaction fees in the long run.

The script also includes candlestick charts for a better view of the market. Two-Factor Authentication is also included to improve the security of the user accounts.

The admin panel which comes along with the script can be used for the management of the website. It is easy to use, simple and straightforward.

Our complete focus is on the code, its quality, and ensuring that our product is free of bugs. In case you encounter any bug, you can be fully assured that the product will be patched for you in less than a day without any cost.


  • Rapid Trading
  • Responsive Template
  • Candlestick Chart
  • Public Ticker API
  • Smart Addresses
  • Referral System
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • 0 Dependencies
  • All Tokens Supported (ERC-20)


  • Dedicated Server or VPS
  • 2 GB+ RAM
  • 200 GB+ Disk Space
  • PHP 7.2 or above
  • PHP MySQLi (Native Driver)
  • PHP BCMath
  • Nginx Web-Server

Everything In The Nutshell:

  • Token Trading Script is a perfect solution for your business if you want to create a trading platform for Ethereum-based tokens.
  • The trading speed is rapid and swift. You can expect the orders to be filled in a blink of an eye.
  • The code has been built with a focus on scalability and reduction in Ethereum gas and fees.
  • No third-party API is used for payment processing. You host your own wallet.
  • Web-Sockets are used for instant, seamless trading.
  • There's also a referral system to reward your users and bring in more growth.
  • Overfeat is a well-trusted company, and we have more than five years of experience building web applications. You know you're at the right place.
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