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  • Ajax based upload.
  • Privacy options.
  • Beautiful UI/UX.
  • Energetic Admin Panel.
  • Fast & Secure.
  • Free support.

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MyPHPGallery is a robust social image sharing script with a beautiful and sleek design and interface. Public, Unlisted and Private are three upload modes.

MyPHPGallery uses secure un-crackable hashes to keep your images safe. No one can see your image unless you want them to. You, being the administrator of the site, can handle all the users, all the images and all other website settings from a single page. The administrator panel is so robust, it's completely unbreakable. There's no match for the quality that this script offers.


The script has been built with performance in mind, therefore we've put our efforts to make it blazingly fast (faster execution). The code is simple and easy on eyes, with clear upload and image settings modals for you and your users.


Images in PHP Gallery Script are uploaded using ajax and are stored on your server, safely. During this process, users can also enter optional title and description for their images. Not only that, multiple image uploads are possible as well.
Why go to another image sharing website and risk your privacy when you can share your images and moments with the world via your own secure environment.

Sharing your images on social media is equally fun and easy. You get website link, direct link, BBCode and HTML Code for the image you want to share. Apart from that, you can share your images on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.


There are three privacy modes in PHP Gallery Script which ensure proper distribution of your images.
Public This mode allows your upload to be seen by anyone on the website. Search engines can also crawl and index these images.
Unlisted Images under this mode will not be visible publicly but you can still share them with someone by providing them direct link to the it.
Private Private uploads cannot be seen by anyone no matter what.

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