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  • Faster execution.
  • Sticky collection code.
  • HTML Editor.
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PHP Email Marketing Script is a newsletter software like no other out there. It's blazing fast, fully featured and user friendly. Features which otherwise require you to pay hefty bills are now present in this compact script at an affordable price.

PHP Email Marketing Software uses intelligent algorithms to sort and initiate mass mails to thousands of users at once. Carved by our sassy developers and designers, this script ensures nothing goes missing. Newsletters can be created and sent for flight with just one click. Something very crucial which most of the other scripts in the market ignore is collection of real user emails.


The script has been built with performance in mind, therefore we've put our efforts to make it blazingly fast (faster execution). The code is simple and easy on eyes, with a good admin panel to manage day to day affairs of the campaigns.


Our application adds a call-to-action floating box on your website's front page which engages user and collects the email. This floating box can be customized to an extent.
You may wonder, what about all those emails that you have already collected during a certain period of time. Well, no worries, PHP Email Marketing Software got it all covered. You can import & export infinitely long lists of emails and get working within a few minutes.

You can add your HTML and CSS to the emails you sent using the script with ease, the script uses a WYSIWYG editor which enables the administrator to customize the emails heavily with ease and effortlessly.

We also do custom work.

If you have a project that you want to get started with, think you need our help or just fancy waving a hello, then get in touch.
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