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If you're looking to create your own web-based Bitcoin wallet, then you've come to a right place. At Overfeat, we've been crafting a perfect product for you and businesses like you to accept Bitcoins and other altcoins (based on Bitcoin source code) safely with peace of mind.

Packed with secure and useful features, you're covered to accept Bitcoin and other coins based on Bitcoin in no time. Currently, top coins which are based on the source code of Bitcoin are Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash and more. As soon as you install the script on your server, you'll be able to connect nodes and accept payments in no time. Our Wallet Payment Gateway script makes it easy to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments safely. If you've been trying to integrate Bitcoin to PHP, then this product is perfect for your business.

Monetization and Wallet

Don't worry, your purchase won't go waste. You can even create your own wallet for masses with this script. While you can use the script for accepting payments for your business, you can also offer the wallet and API features to your customers. To bring revenues, we've an in-built feature to collect fees from each transaction they send. So, why not make a business out of this purchase?

Powerful API and Hosted Pages

What would be a payment gateway script without an API? Nothing. So, we've built an API for the script so that you and your customers can integrate their wallet with their website and automatically accept and send payments without any human interaction required. This makes it a vital tool for businesses like you. Hosted pages can be generated with the API and users can be redirected there for a flawless payment experience. You can set the order amount in one currency, while the user can pay with any coin (in your system).

Truly Global

Do you have users from worldwide? Do they have different languages? Do you want to start a Bitcoin wallet in your country? No worries at all! We've got all that covered. Our script is multilingual, you can easily create translations for the script. Around 98% of the script can be translated to any language you wish. In fact, the product ships with 4 languages including English, Russian, Chinese and Arabic. You can create more translations on the go.

Zero Dependencies

Be at peace of mind with our all new wallet script because you don't have to depend upon anyone for payments API. This guarantees safety against fund thefts, outage and more. Your business will now become stable and independent while storing funds safely.

Horizontal Scaling and Fail-over Protection

If stability is a necessity for your business, then no worries. With this script, you can connect multiple nodes/daemons to the script to ensure maximum stability. The script will randomly distribute the load between multiple nodes. In case one of the daemons crash are unavailable, it will automatically distribute the load to the other server to ensure no outage. This makes our wallet script highly preferred among our audience.

Easy Installer

With features like Installer and Node Installer, you can install the script in a jiffy. Installing nodes becomes real quick with the installer, as soon as the script is setup, 0 to minimal human inputs are required, as the script is fully automated and does not require any efforts to manage. Moreover, the script is highly secured and safe, guaranteed against bugs and other issues. In case you face any issue, you've let us know, we'll patch in some hours for you.

In a Nutshell:

1. Horizontal scaling and failover protection
2. Localization is possible, the script comes with 4 languages in-built
3. Comes with a script and node installer
4. 0 to minimal human inputs needed after setup
5. Ability to sell wallet and API service to others, can be used to collect fees too
6. Multiple coin support, accept coins based on Bitcoin
7. Generate hosted pages for flawless payment experience, set order in USD or other coin, pay with any coin based on live exchange rates
8. Protection against bugs, safe against hacks
9. Don't depend upon anyone, 0 dependencies


1. The admin demo is available at
2. The user demo is available at
3. Both have same login details (i.e., admin / password)
4. Demo may not work properly due to complexility of the script. However, the production copy works perfectly!

Box Contents:

1. Main script code
2. Node script code
3. Killer support
4. Guarantee against bugs
5. Free updates


1. PHP 7.0
3. PHP MySQLi (and MySQLnd)
4. PHP Mcrypt
5. PHP SSH 2
6. PHP Mbstring
7. Apache mod_rewrite or nginx configuration
8. Two VPS at minimum

Majority of these modules are pre-installed on most of the hosting platforms. If for some reason, you're unable to use the script at your platform, then DigitalOcean is a perfect choice for you. DigitalOcean is a cheap yet reliable cloud VPS hosting platform packed with features like SSD, API and more.
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