Hold and Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Overfeat PaymentPal enables you to accept and hold Bitcoin and Ethereum (including ERC-20 token) payments. If you're a business looking to accept cryptocurrency payments, we can help you accept crypto payments without charging any fee.

Additionally, we also offer stable coin (USDC) settlement if you would like to secure yourself against price volatility.

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Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

— Bitcoin Payment Gateway

Our Bitcoin Payment Processor is made for businesses to accept Bitcoin payments swiftly at a cost-effective rate without any hassle. Overfeat PaymentPal makes it ridiculously easy to accept Bitcoin for online payments at your store, website, or application.

We provide an integrated crypto payment platform for people like you to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, including ERC-20 tokens. In addition to accepting Bitcoin payments, you can also opt for a stable coin settlement (for example, USDC). This feature is useful and handy if you're looking to protect yourself against cryptocurrencies' price volatility.

We can also help you accept payments from cryptocurrencies based on Bitcoin's source code. For example, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash and DASH.

— Ethereum Payment Processor

Are you having trouble integrating and accepting Ethereum payments on your website? Don't let that stop you from taking the second-largest cryptocurrencies available in the market. We at Overfeat have crafted an easy to use, simple, and straightforward Ethereum payment processor and gateway for businesses like you to accept and hold Ethereum (ETH).

With our Ethereum payment gateway, accepting ETH payments is simple without any friction. Grow your business while we take care of the infrastructure created behind accepting the payments. It's safe, secure, and easy to use.

Moreover, we also support ERC-20 token payments. We have a friendly business API that can help you accept Ethereum tokens (including your token) seamlessly. So don't let ERC-20 tokens scare you away! We make integration of tokens pretty easy.

We provide an API SDK for your website, application, or online store to integrate with our system and receive Bitcoin and Ethereum (including ERC-20) payments.

— 0.00% Fees - Crazy, right?

99.99% Uptime

For each customer, we spin up a different server to make sure that your payment processing gateway is completely isolated from other clients. We focus on maintaining and keeping the gateway up at all times.

0.00% Fee

We don't charge you any additional fee. What you receive is what you get (minus the network fees). We charge you for a monthly subscription instead of taking a big chunk of your received payments. There are no hidden fees!

Stable Coin Settlement

If you want, we can also offer you a free stable coin settlement. This feature enables you to safeguard yourself against cryptocurrencies' price volatility. Whenever you receive a payment, we convert it to a stable coin immediately.

  • Bitcoin Payment Gateway
  • Ethereum Payment Gateway
  • ERC-20 Payment Gateway

— Start Accepting Crypto NOW!

Start accepting crypto payments with our friendly business API. Focus on growing your business while we handle the technical infrastructure needed to receive, process, and hold payments. Fill in your details and let us know about your business and your intended use case, and we'll contact you in 12 hours or less.